REVERSE is an early midweek, instant gratification clubbing experience created by Frequency SF that keeps the sense of hedonism of an all-night club without its undesirable effects. REVERSE is a short hit of fun without the need for a long recovery time: "You live to fight the next day without feeling too rubbish."

It’s about me, and I’m worth it. I want one more occasion to be happy without compromises. Hedonism and practicality can coexist: I can party early, hard, catch my train home, and feel great the next morning.
We empower dancers and music fans to flip the status quo, to upset the clubbing balance, and leverage the ongoing frustration with everything that’s wrong in the world right now. It’s a call to activism and revolt starting right on the dance floor.

We debuted REVERSE at HALCYON SF because of their passion for good House music and involvement in building an organic community of music lovers. They were immediately on board with REVERSE and are lended us their full support in addition to full access to their beautiful ultra high-tech clubbing space. We moved REVERSE to MONARCH with their legendary Void sound system and intimate underground clubbing space.



January 31, 2018

Our debut of Reverse at Halcyon SF.

- NOVA //
- TiNiN ツ (WiSH SF) //