Heart of Serenity April 2019 @ Serenity Gathering Festival

It’s been a few months since Serenity Gathering and this was my second year of being a Co-Producer and Co-Curator of Heart of Serenity, the healing space of the festival. This year was absolutely magical and more organized compared to last year. We had more budget and a beautiful Void sound system. Maggie Taurick and I spent about three months planning and curating the line up. We had multiple areas including the Heart stage where yoga and movement classes were held during the day and music in the evening. The Sound Temple where we offered sound healing, meditation, and kirtan. Cosmic Embassy Tea House where we held a variety of workshops during the day and a second tea house provided by Ron Jon. I also did the decor shopping this year which was fun. I performed and collaborated with Samantha Sage on vocals at the Heart Stage after Kaminanda on Saturday/Sunday at 3am. The most successful and extremely fun workshop was a Twerkshop led by my friends Cayla and Dj’d by Rayreck. Everyone was screaming and laughing and it was really nice to see the men get into it just as much as the women. Overall it was a very successful year and the founder wants Maggie and I to be involved again next year. We had a lot of positive feedback and many people said the Heart of Serenity was their favorite area of the entire festival. Below are the flyers for what we offered and the beautiful photo gallery below are by Nick Johnson. I will post the recap video soon and more videos.